Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Sweetheart Special

Valentines has passed, but sweetheart specials can still be found on menus. As a person who absolutely loves BBQ, (as tradition has it my mom makes me a rib dinner every birthday) I was extremely psyched to visit Dinosaur BBQ. I have eaten at Blue Smoke, Daisy Mae's and RUB and love the ribs from some of the establishments and sides from others. After seeing Dinosaur BBQ on a NY1 clipping I wanted to pay it a visit, but the fact that it's located a bit further than I usually travel I decided to keep my longing on hold. Then one date night I decided to just go for it. Word of advice: Make reservations! We waited for more than 1 1/2 hours and while there is a bar to keep you entertained I was there for the food! At one point I thought about leaving, but who was I kidding, we already trekked it all the way here so we sat, talked and waited. Finally a table for 2 was available and we were called. By now I was so hungry I couldn't wait to order, it was 9pm and I was hungry! Getting a grip I eagerly grabbed the menu and there I spotted it the "Sweetheart Deal for Two" a full rack of ribs with 4--yes 4 sides!!! My goodness what more could I ask for, but 2 beers of course to wash it all down with. Soon enough a full rack was on the table, along with its friends: 2 orders of salt potatoes, mac and cheese, BBQ fried rice. In a word: Amazing and Succulent--okay so that's two. Suddenly, the train ride, the wait and the hunger I felt no longer mattered. As I bit into each a rib it seemed to have melted away any earlier complaints. I was in pork heaven with my sweetheart!