Friday, April 10, 2009


I am constantly looking for new ways to enjoy food with friends, so when a friend suggested Simply Fondue located at the Atlas Mall in Queens, I thought it was the perfect place to go with dear friends. According to the menu, the restaurant not only offers a great place to eat, but it provides an experience. And honestly, that is exactly what each one of us got!

We were 2 couples, so each pair had the choice of 2 salads, 1 choice of cheese fondue, 6 selections of meat, fish, or veg to dip into your choice of cooking style (sangria, grilled or broth) and a choice of a chocolate fondue. Alex and I ordered the Strawberry and Spinach salad (for me) and a Classic Cesar for him; the Traditional Swiss Chalet; and while we chose numerous entree selections, the most memorable where the coconut shrimp; beef tenderloin, pecan crusted mahi mahi, lastly for dessert The Chocolate Bliss. Fortunately, my friends picked completely different dishes and we all happily sampled and dunked things into each others fondue pot family style. Unlike most restaurants where sharing is usually discouraged (as is playing with your food) here we were able to taste, sample and play. The food was amazing, and so very simple and fun--just skewer what you wanted to sample, remember not to touch the fondue pots as they are very hot, and open your mouth and enjoy!

Simply Fondue was simply delicious and definitely kept true to its word, its not just about fondue it is an experience where you must come with time on your hands, good company and an open mind and stomach. Happy Dunking!