Monday, June 1, 2009

Wine and Dine Me....Okay, so My Mother in Law instead

It was my mother-in-laws birthday this weekend and as per her request we headed to the Hamptons. Our first trip there this spring! My aunt joined us and we all took the 2 hour drive to relaxation.

I thought a good way to kick off her special day was to stop at Wolffer Estate Vineyward. I must admit, I may not be much of a red or white wine fan, although I do try to appreciate a good glass every now and then. I am however a fan of rose. We ordered a very modestly priced bottle and sipped away while munching on a cheese platter. It is just amazing to sit outdoors and overlook a vast field filled with grapes. Sitting there enjoying the fresh air and unwinding was indeed a perfect way to start what was a wonderful birthday celebration.

BTW, last year the rose from Wolffer sold out as it made for a lovely, clean, refreshing drinking wine esp. during BBQ season and they predict a sell out by July for this year's rose. My advice is to grab a bottle or 2, or a case if you are planning a lot of entertaining. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

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