Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fancy This

This weekend kicked off the 2009 Fancy Food Show. Last year, I saw a posting at ICE offering an opportunity to volunteer at the event. I signed up and was appointed to work with Victoria Seasonings--a gourmet spice label offering cooks a exotic array of spices and spice blends. Not only did a walk away with various samplings, but slightly across from us was the Barefoot Contessa booth. As I stood admiring the set up--decorated with a tier of bite size brownies and other goodies from her pantry line--low and behold Mrs. Garten, in her signature shirt, capris, and carrying a straw "Hampton"ish bag-was strolling in. I was in awe! Eventually I managed to walk across, sample her Outrageous Brownies and say hello.

Actually I said: Hello Ina, I just want you to know that I went to culinary school because of you.
Her reply: Really, that's great to hear. Best of luck!

And that was it, but I was elated. Anyhow, needless to say I had a great time at the show. When my work was done, my husband met me and we both sampled olive oils, cured meat, pates, cheeses, chocolates, new food trends and just about every thing that surrounded us.

This year a friend and classmate of mine hit the Fancy Food Show together. (Unfortunately, his girlfriend was unable to attend, and my husband either) So Jeff and I (two complete foodies!)strolled through some aisles and zoomed through others all in search of great food and products. I must admit the 2 hours we spent was a total blur. We just kept sampling drinks, cheeses, hors d'oeuvres, cured meats,and many varieties of ice cream and gelatos. Three of the memorable brands was: A new product SheerBliss Ice Cream memorable because of its tin packaging. The classic D'Artagnan for their amazingly creamy mousse foie gras. Lastly, Monini a popular olive oil producer offering many types of Extra Virgin Olive Oils that we were so fortunate to sample the night before at an event held at Rustico Cooking! With our stomachs filled and our feet aching, we decided to make an exit. It was a bit past 4 and the event would end shortly anyway and we pretty much covered it all!

The Fancy Food Show was yet again a success! And I am grateful that Jeff asked me to accompany him! The only disappointment was that this was as close as I got to seeing Ina. But, at least this time I have a picture. lol

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