Sunday, August 2, 2009

Nothing Says Summer like A BBQ

Summer is quickly leaving us, and to be honest I really didn't find it to be much of a summer. We mostly got stuck with rain. So when the BBQ my aunt planned landed one dry Saturday we were thrilled, although the humidity was unbelievable!

The party would consist of my husband, my mom-in-law, a cousin of mine, my aunt, two dear friends and my immediate family from CT which was great since they haven't visited NY for 2 years. My aunt as the hostess was taking care of the basics, the hot dogs, the burgers, potato salad, macaroni salad and the BBQ chicken. But naturally I thought of bringing something to help ease her load. So after coming from work at the YCA, Alex and I drove to a market picked up the ingredients and I was off to cook in time for the 2pm BBQ!

I decided to make Buffalo Wings and a Blue Cheese Dressing as everyone in my immediate family loves them, A Bean Salad which my mom loves, and a Family Style Crudite platter with a Sun Dried Tomato Dip for the "I am eating like a pig....let me munch on something healthy" eaters. All 3 platters were a hit! Not to mention that our dear friend Nick also prepared a platter of mussels with garlic and a Filipino version of bacalitos-shrimp fritters! Confession: These platters all left before my mom--who was running extremely late--arrived. Although I did reserve her some wings and salad. Fortunately, there was plenty of food to go around. In fact, the basic BBQ staples--hot dogs and burgers--only made it to the grill after 11pm.

We all had a fantastic time stuffing our faces, chatting, laughing and well...stuffing our faces some more! Hopefully the remaining of summer treats us good, because I am sure we can all use another day of feasting with family in the heat!!!

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