Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Goodbye Short Summer...Hello Autumn and L O N G Winter

Although a few days here and there remind us of summer or frighten us of what's in store for winter, it is safe to say that Autumn is officially here. Winter, BLAH! Aside for all the remarkable holidays, and the first white snow of the year, I can do without it (or maybe that's what I say, although I have no plans of retiring to Florida anytime yet).

I must admit, winter allows me to indulge in two of my favorite culinary techniques: braising and roasting. Both phenomenal for their simplicity and heartiness they offer. Instantly ossco bucco, ox tails, short ribs, roasted chicken come to mind, all which make my mouth water! But simultaneously it saddens me to say goodbye to lighter foods, fresh fruits and wonderful summer fruits and veggies that we had available just weeks ago. This sudden emotion is what made me want to look at the bright side and begin to think of the wonderful crops that await us even with summer behind us. So I googled fruits and veggies currently in season and found this site: http://thisfoodthing.com/index.php/2007/11/06/fruits-and-vegetables-in-season/.

While it may be easier to just take a stroll through the farmer's market--which I love to do, and highly suggest, I wanted to see something in writing that would lift my spirits. So please take a look at the site and allow it to inspire you! I especially love that it's divided into months, so it serves as a calendar if you will of all the bounty that awaits us now and in the few months that follow like spinach, apples, sweet potatoes, tangelos, winter squash and more! So I guess there is no time for allowing the colder months to put me in a slump as there is so much to indulge in and create! Plus, before we know it we will be biting into the fresh pineapples of May!

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