Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Now That's A Sandwich!

On my lazy days I love staying in bed--with something fabulous to eat--and catching up on cooking shows I dvr'd over the week. This week I caught up on a repeat of Man v. Food on the Travel channel. On this episode Adam returns to his hometown of Brooklyn. I must say he visited a few interesting places like a restaurant specializing in "suicide" wings and a pizza shop with a delicious looking Sicilian style pizza. However, the one that really rattled my taste buds was Brennan & Carr a pub offering roast beef sandwiches dipped in beef broth! Adam explains that you could have the sandwich one of two ways: either with the roast beef dipped in the broth or two, with both the bread and beef dipped into the beef broth. This sounded way too good! So this weekend Alex and I went on a mini "road trip" to Brooklyn and visited Brennan & Carr to indulge in a delicious looking roast beef sandwich.

To my surprise the prices were inexpensive, with the classic roast beef sandwich costing less than $6! We ordered soda, French fries and of course two sandwiches, mine regular (meat only dipped) and Alex "double-dipped." When it all arrived I was in heaven. The roll was soft and the meat moist. The sandwich is quite simple, but the beef broth takes it over the top! So much so I asked Alex to ask for broth on the side as I wanted to control how much of my sandwich I submerged into that delicious beefy flavor. Within minutes I was done and satisfied. Alex then asked his usual question: Would you come back? To which I replied, Yes, in a heartbeat!

I plan on visiting other gems featured on Man v. Food, but for now you should head out to Brooklyn for a mouthwatering sandwich at Brennan & Carr! Hope to see you there!

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Sam said...

A woman after my own heart, that's what you are. Looks and sounds like a completely respectable and delicious choice at a great price. I'm your follower now. Hope some time you'll visit my blog. You may find it fun and or funny. Take care, Keri (a.k.a. Sam)