Monday, May 24, 2010

An Unforgettable Facebook Message

I have always stood away from using Facebook, but after continuous teasing from friends and colleagues I decided to be the last person on Earth to join the mix. Like a lot of us, I don’t have the time to be on all the time, but I try to post pictures of what I am doing, places I have visited and just things that I am a part of....all things culinary naturally!

Today I opened my page and realized I had a message from a former (child) student and it completely warmed my heart:

Julietta V.
Hey best teacher in the world I miss u so much and I hope that one day I get to c u again I have been cooking a lot like that I made banana bread yesterday and that I am making a birthday cake for my cousin Jolie for her birthday I will post pics of the cake on FB l8tr. MISSS YOU CAN'T WAIT TO C U AGAIN!!!!!!!

I couldn't help but be touched by the lovely note. Not to mention feeling grateful that I actually enrolled in FB as it truly does allow me to keep in contact with the many people I have been fortunate enough to have taught and met in the culinary field.

Julietta, was an AMAZING student, even now that I am not her cooking teacher it feels great knowing that she is still cooking and moreover, that I had a impact on her life. For all the Julietta's out there I am privileged to have taught you and you will forever be remembered in my heart as well.  I love you guys! And please continue to update me and Happy Cooking!

Love Chef Raquel

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