Friday, May 1, 2009

Making the Leap

A few weeks ago I did the My Secret Identity blog, well my secret is out! I no longer work for the firm, after 10 years my journey has ended and a new one has begun! Naturally, it feels weird and scary at times that I no longer have the safety net and level of comfort I had for the last decade. But, I am by far ready to embrace my new life! A life that is actually focused on what I sincerely feel happy doing.

Fortunately, I had already been working as a chef instructor in a few fantastic places and now have established certain bonds that I couldn't picture life without. Through these relationships I have gained confidence, received advice and gained strength. These people became family. Coupled with the constant and unconditional love I get from my actual family, makes me unstoppable. So as I plunge into the culinary world head first, and continue teaching others what I love, and learning about myself both in the kitchen and outside it, I thank everyone and God for the direction that my life has turned. Life is far too short to go through it doing something that you are truly unhappy with, or something that you have already peaked at and now can not continue to grow. It's beyond seeking financial gain, rather the search is for self gratification. That's what I have now. So as I embark on my dreams I look forward to teaching, cooking, and enjoying life by the day and wish you the same inner happiness, peace of mind and warmth in your heart and stomach.

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