Wednesday, May 13, 2009

To Market, To Market, To Market We Go

This morning I attended a mandatory meeting in order to become a Greenmarket Tour Guide at the Union Square Market. The program is a part of Spoons Across America a foundation that educates children on food and nutrition. I was very excited about volunteering for the program and using some of my down time for a good cause. As a tour guide we would work with students from nearby elementary schools and introduce them to the farmers market, encourage them to ask questions to both myself and the farmers and at the end hand them each a dollar to buy something at the market that they may have found tempting or interesting. The purpose of it all is to encourage them to eat locally, and appreciate fresh, healthy, organic food.

After hearing about the program I was excited to walk around the market and think about the places the children will find interesting like the fruit stands, the herb stands and the honey stands which show their bees in action. After meeting my friend we were off to hit the stands and I picked up shallots, ramps, arugula and apples for dinner and dessert that night. Along our culinary stroll we saw a very familiar face: Iron Chef Mario Batali, owner of Otto and Babbo. I was in shock! I mean, I know all true chefs shop for the finest, freshest ingredients, but just seeing him in person happily shopping as I was doing made me excited. So not only did I join a program with a great cause, did some leisurely food shopping with a dear friend, but I met a celebrity chef who I greatly respect. A very fruitful day indeed! (Thank you Ling for taking our photo!)

Btw, my first Greenmarket tour will be held this Wednesday morning, I will definitely keep you posted.

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