Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fishy-Fishy In the Bro.....nx

Again stumped on where to go on a beautiful Saturday afternoon we decided to tour City Island. Convenient, a short drive and a new attraction! (btw you can also take MTA there) Upon arriving it's hard not to be taken aback by the beautiful views of the ocean, surrounded by boats and people who seemed to be taking it easy--plain and simply it felt like we left NY behind for a bit!

The strip of land that makes up City Island is filled with little shanty seafood restaurants--which is all you could possibly want to eat considering the ocean front views. Overwhelmed by all the choices, we weren't sure where to eat. So in the words of EVOO, I decided to "ask the locals" which I must admit is very good advice from Rachel Ray. We stopped a lady who was out running errands and she suggested two places: a real sit down restaurant (the way she described it seemed like a spin off of Benihana). The second, a very touristy, no fuss spot with pretty decent food and high turnover. I wanted a place that we could pig out and enjoy the breeze. I also figured since we "left" NY I also wanted to get away from the stuffiness you usually put up with in NYC restaurants--which don't get me wrong, can be fine, but today I was in the mood for grub. So the choice of where to eat was clear. We were off to Johnny's!

Observing the atmosphere, which is a bit different from we are use to (not to mention the cafeteria like structure), made me doubt the nice Samaritan. But to her credit, it was packed (but they offer a lot of seating so don't worry), very decently priced, and the food couldn't leave the counter fast enough (which translated to me as fresh since the food didn't have time to lay around).

Alex and I shared the fish and chips, with some tartar sauce and a bit of hot sauce I was in fish heaven. It was just what my body needed and exactly the perfect ambiance we not knowingly must have craved. So, our little local was in fact spot on! And so visiting City Island, it gave us the opportunity to relax and enjoy life as if nothing else in the world mattered. Sometimes your mind and body needs just that.

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