Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Sweet Memory That Can Still be Relived

A few years ago Burberry had a cafe upstairs called The Mad Tea Cup. Here customers could take a break from shopping, drop their bags, take a seat and enjoy 2 scones and a pot of tea of your choice. My mother in law, my husband and I loved the calming nature and indulgence that afternoon tea provided, especially after a long day of painting the town red. Come to think of it, they were numerous times when we visited Burberry not for their cashmere scarves, plaid purses, or leather goods, but for the little treats that awaited us upstairs. Sitting on the high stools and enjoying a warm, crumbly (but soft biscuit like inside) scone, with preserves and Devonshire (clotted cream) on the side, and a cup of Earl Grey was worth far more than any of the luxuries that decorated the store. Regardless to what scone of the day was being offered--chocolate chip, pumpkin spice, mixed berries--we knew we would not be disappointed.

One afternoon we took the elevator straight to the 3rd floor as usual, but noticed that our wonderful cafe was replaced by manikins. No traces or evidence of the our treasured cafe--that was up and running just days ago--existed. Saddened, we left Burberry and knew that with our exit we left behind cherished times. Of course we would return to shop, but no longer would it be a place of refuge.

One day I stumbled on an article on a cafe called Alice's Tea Cup. It turned out that the owners of this tea shop had opened my beloved Mad Tea Cup. Needless to say I couldn't wait to pay a visit. I must admit, the vibe is completely different from their cafe at Burberry. However, I was happy that my love affair for afternoon tea could continue. Alice's Tea Cup offers wonderful afternoon tea, served by waitress wearing fairy wings, reinforcing the magic that comes with such an experience--one that we were so fortunate to relive time and time again.

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