Friday, June 19, 2009

From One Scone Lover to Another.....

After writing my blog on Alice's Tea Cup I was very happy to come across an article in The BBQ Issue of Bon Appetit called Cooking Life/Maine Attraction by Molly Wizenberg. The article expresses the author's appreciation for scones. After a mother-daughter vacation in New England she visits The Standard Baking Company where she falls in love with a blueberry oat scone: "I would still be there today, sitting on the deck out front with a cup of coffee and a scone, if it weren't for our pesky return tickets." After deciding to beg the owners of the shop for the recipe, she then scaled it down for the home kitchen and included a few tweaks she made. Fortunately for us, Mrs. Wizenberg doesn't just tempt her readers by providing us with the mouth-watering details, she actually provides us with a way to gain the same satisfaction at home!

Blueberry Oat Scones consist of all the ingredients that cooks usually have in hand, flour, brown sugar, baking powder, kosher salt, unsalted butter, old-fashioned oats, vanilla extract, half and half (okay, I didn't have this on hand so I used equal parts milk to heavy cream), and raw sugar (I usually have extras packets from my frequent visits to Starbucks) and fresh (or frozen, but if so don't thaw) blueberries (or whatever berry you prefer or that's in season will do.) BTW, feel free to add a few spices. I added cinnamon and cardamom about 1/4 tsp each. The whole process takes less than 20 minutes to put together thanks to the help of a food processor. Next comes the scooping. I lined a baking sheet with parchment paper then used a medium size ice cream scoop to get healthy, even sizes. Also, make sure you leave enough room in between each scone. Sprinkle with raw sugar, oats and off to the oven they go!!!

Without a doubt, there is no better smell than scones baking early in the morning! (well perhaps the smell of bread, but you get my point!) My goodness, absolutely fantastic. It sends a warmth through the home, not to mention the spine. After 15 minutes at 350 turn the sheet pan to allow even cooking, then 12 minutes later it's ready!!!

I know the recipe ask that you cool slightly, but I think the word "slightly" is left to our discretion, as for some that may mean anywhere from 5-12 minutes, but for me it meant 45 seconds! Strike it while its hot is my motto! And boy was it as good if not more delicious than Ms. Wizenberg described: Crumbly outside, moist inside, not too sweet (as you could serve with clotted cream and preserves remember). The scone served as the perfect example of balance in texture and flavor. Outrageous! Excuse me, I appreciate you reading this and all, but why are you still here.....go ahead make a batch and if you can resist the urge to keep it all for yourself, set some aside for friends you adore. Trust me, they will love you for it!

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Gerry said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!! It's great. And I love the name A Pinch of Salt. Hope to see you soon!