Sunday, September 27, 2009

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

This weekend was Ashley's 10th Birthday Party. It was a intimate group of 7 girls who all attended elementary school together. The girls haven't seen each other in a bit, but for girls even a week of separation is an eternity. As the birthday girl, Ashley requested pizza. I then created a menu around that. Thus, cheesy bread sticks, garden house salad, individual rustic marinara and pepperoni pizza, red velvet cupcakes with a cream cheese frosting, and to wash it all down with, a strawberry spritzer!

I arrived at Ashley's home all equipped of course, aprons in hands, recipes etc. The girls of course came prepared too--with excitement. We hit the kitchen island and were off discussing the evening's menu and what we were going to tackle first--the bread stick and pizza doughs! The girls learned to properly measure flour, to keep wet from dry ingredients separate--all the little details that make all the difference. I must say, as items came out of the oven I was proud of each of them for doing such a splendid job! The food looked delicious and from what I gather, tasted even better (especially the cheesy bread sticks!) At the end of the 3 hours, they were finishing up eating the cupcakes they not only made, but decorated. Then they would be off to play! I cleaned up and began packing. Once done, I said goodbye to the girls and asked them their favorite menu for evening. After wishing them well, I was off!

It is funny how much thought and planning goes into an event and how quickly it all unfolds. Everything matters, attention to detail is crucial. It's what allows the timing to go well and the food to be delicious. I am very grateful for a successful birthday party and was honored to be asked to celebrate Ashley's birthday! I wish her the best, and hope her life continues to be surrounded with good food and even better company. I hope that when she gets older this birthday takes on some significance. It has in my life!

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