Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Spectacular Cup of Joe

As with many New Yorkers, it is very hard to start the day without the morning jolt. Trust me, you don't want to talk to me before my first cup of coffee! I take my first cup of the day seriously which explains why I make mine every morning at home, as my family has--in a percolator. As for beans or coffee brands, Sanka, Maxwell House, Chock Full of Nuts, nope! It's Cafe Pilon or Cafe Bustelo (preferably the latter!) for me! Both are strong coffees without the bitterness, alongside steamed milk and a little sugar and I have satisfied my morning bliss.

Of course there are times you need an afternoon pick me up. Instantly coffee chains starting with an S or D come to mind. The problem: While they do quench your desire for a cup of coffee they certainly don't satisfy it. This isn't good. I don't want a coffee that is bitter or that is handed to me in a rush to get to the next customer. I want coffee that is rich, indulging and just damn right delicious! You would be surprised the difference a little patience, a little love from the barista, and a couple of precious minutes of waiting time, make towards a fantastic cup of coffee.

Thus, I was delighted when I came across Joe The Art of Coffee! It's an intimate coffee house with 5 convenient locations in NYC. You can choose to have your coffee served in a paper cup or in an actual mug! (I prefer the mug.) I get a large cappuccino--for the same if not cheaper price you get at the chains, but an experience that cannot be explained. The coffee--as it should be--is luxurious! Creamy, delicious, foamy to the point that you actually savor it and then contemplate another just out of greed. It is that good! Not to mention that the barista actually creates designs in your coffee with the lather. Remember we eat with our eyes!

Lesson to be learned: Rather that head to the coffee chain on every street corner, why not get the quality you are paying for. Sit down, if you have the time, or grab a deliciously noteworthy coffee and at the same time support a private coffee house that treats you like an individual. You have nothing to lose but the extremely long line! But in those times Joe's seems a bit out of reach, then by all means grab the alphabet--I won't tell!

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