Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Land Of Wonderland

If there is something I should share is my HUGE fear of flying. This comes after an incident my family and I experienced when I was 14. This fear has kept me from traveling, even though deep inside I know it would cause me to miss out on a lot of the world. My aunt constantly reminds that: One, there is more of a chance of dying in a car accident then there is on a plane. Two, that if its my time to go, then its my time to go--simple as that! Well, last year a friend of mine, her sister, Alex and myself went to Los Cabos, Mexico. Talk about facing fears--quite a long plane ride for someone like myself. Well since I got flying back into my system I didn't want to let a year go by without traveling again this way the fear wouldn't have time to rebuild. So Alex and I booked a trip to Florida.

Originally we planned on going to Miami, not for the club scene but because after seeing Weekend Getaways with Giada De Laurentiis I was instantly interested in the colorful city. However, a dear friend of mind suggested going to Orlando and then heading to Miami--that sounded like a spectacular plan! We were scheduled to stay two days in Orlando with my aunt and finish the rest of the week at the Loews Hotel in Miami. Talk about excited! As soon as we touched ground--and doing a silent clap to the captain (a practice that actually took place by all passengers some time ago--I was ready to hit Disney's Magical Kingdom! So we got our car rental (Budget--never again) and our GPS and off we were!

Talk about magical. The place is absolutely phenomenal! Breathtaking! Needless to say that I conquered my fears in Orlando, I went on all the rides and the next day went to Universal Studios where Alex and I completed everything within the Island of Adventure rides (including the Hulk--eyes closed lol but with the EXCEPTION of the Chamber of Doom. Figured my biggest risk taking was the plane ride here, and since Disney and Universal don't want to get sued, I knew I should stop being a chicken and hit the rides! BTW I love the Simpsons Ride that was my favorite and the Spider Man (Thanks Amanda for all the suggestions!!!)

Going back to Disney, Alex and I stood at the park till closing. We watched the parade and then the fireworks by the castle. In a word....Amazing! While we had a fantastic time in Miami, nothing offered the magic and sense of beauty like Disney. So for all of you who may fear flying please don't allow it to stop you from seeing the the case the magically world of Disney!

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