Monday, October 12, 2009

Food Network NYC Food & Wine Festival

This weekend was the Food Network NYC Food & Wine Festival. Alex and I decided to check out a complimentary visit to Back to the Basis at the triangle at Tribeca.

Usually organic or farm fresh food can be quite expensive in comparison to items found in regular supermarkets. This NY based company is trying to change that! Back to the Basis is a farmers market intended for people at most economic scales. Offering deals like Lady Lavelle Eggs--farm fresh eggs laid by free range chickens--for $4 bucks is only the beginning! Back to the Basis "partners with farmers and local communities to sell good food at affordable prices." What's not to love!!! The market is to open a new chain of "small-format" retail stores selling food "from small and mid-size family farms and producers that is traditional, localized and 100% traceable." When can you go to check it out??? The first NY store will be available to us in a month. Stay tuned for an update!

BTW, After feasting on homemade fresh, velvety autumn spice gelato at the farm we went for a stroll in the neighborhood to get a feel of other events taking place near by. That's when we noticed a very familiar face--Food Network star Guy Fieri! A very sweet way of ending such a wonderful culinary-inspired afternoon!

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