Friday, October 9, 2009

Raise Some Change This Halloween to Help Fight Hunger

Dear Parents & Students,

As you may know I volunteer at City Harvest. This Halloween we are asking you to help out too! How can you help? Quite easily. While you are out collecting candies politely ask if the person would like to donate a bit of change for City Harvest. What happens with all the change you collect? Well, the boxes will be collected and A Pinch of Salt will make a deposit to City Harvest's account to help ensure that people just like you and me have a meal to eat. So not only are you helping a good cause but you are still having a blast!

Below is a bit of information on City Harvest that you may find interesting:

1. City Harvest is the first food rescue program. This means it takes food from where there is too much to places where there is too little. (like soup kitchens, women shelters, after school programs, elderly and rehab facilities)

2. City Harvest has 17 trucks, 3 tricycles and people on foot all working to delivering food to people who need it day and night within all 5 boroughs.

3. Approximately 11% of the population served are actually homeless. The rest are people just like you and I.

4. 260,000 people are feed weekly.

5. City Harvest feeds approximately 1 million people. Half of that are children.

6. Currently 26 million pounds of food has been collected. Since 1982, 269 million pounds of food were rescued.

So please parents and fellow trick or treaters let's work together and raise some money for people who are less fortunate than us. During these times we all find ourselves cutting back on expenses, but even a small donation makes a difference! Especially for someone who doesn't know where their next meal will come from. Every quarter you collect will help City Harvest rescue one pound of food for a hungry family. This Halloween let's give the treat of food.

Remember a box awaits you! For more info, please email me at

To Donate Now go to:

A Happy and Safe Halloween to All!

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